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 At Brightmed Health Institute, we are dedicated and can help advance your nursing career that will positively impact the lives of others. At Brightmed Health Institute, we are here to support the traditional student to those with busy working and family. Wherever you are in life, if you are thinking about a career in nursing do not hesitate to call us today at 954-530-0120 or 954-350-2548 to schedule an appointment and tour. Make the right step towards a brighter future today.. Read more

We believe that nursing occupies a unique and privileged position of influence and trust in efforts to improve human health. Our core values — scholarship, leadership and social responsibility provide us with the foundation to shape the future of caring and health”

School of Nursing Values

Through our commitment to social responsibility, we collaborate with a broad range of partners to advocate for equity, access, and justice. more

Training Programs

We create innovative learning experiences, grounded in evidence-based pedagogy focused on the development of the intellectual skills of engagement, reflection, inquiry and collaboration. more info

Knowledge, Over 7 years of Experience and

Admissions Guide

Our admission guide contains information that you need to apply, along with full curriculum details and course descriptions..

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